Thursday, November 17, 2011

The story of stuff

I just watched a video called "The Story of the stuff" with Annie Leonard
This video exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world.
This video is done very well, which impresses and attracts attention. Even the idea of pictures and drawings is good because it focuses attention on the important issues of this video. I think in this fast-paced world, this world of consumerism in which people run run run, work work work, it is right to spend at least 20 minutes of our time and stop and reflect on the serious environmental and social impact due to increased industrial production and economic development on our planet. Among such is the changing climate conditionsendangered animals, the increase in cancer and allergies. Not just recycle, is not enough,each of us must take to heart the problem, understand and realize that if you continue in this way the planet and we will die with it.
But it is also true that now it is very difficult to change this mechanism, it's all about consumerism. Our society is accustomed to spend, buy for the simple sake of it and not for a real need. The current fashion is to go shopping. I have often bought many shoes or clothes even if I did not really need, I got influenced by major advertising on television or seen some of my friends that they had to follow the fashion of the moment and not be back. Actually I own so many clothes that I do not wear and that will be thrown.
I have often thought would make me happy to shop, this is wrong. It would be much better to speak with a friend or go for a walk in nature or do sports.
In this video I was very impressed by the fact that people often go shopping to feel happier.The fact of owning a physical asset that makes us happy, this is very sad.

What can we do? The change should start from the root, government should take to heart the common good of the citizens of the country and adopt new rules to improve the environmental condition of the planet, reduce consumption and have a cleaner worldPoliticians often think of one's own good and not for the good of the whole community. An example was the waste crisis in Campania, Naples, a great city submerged by waste
A good government should be concerned about things such as improving health care,education, safe transportation, justice, and not just consumer goods. You should also change the way to advertise products. The ads are often the only goal of selling more products, maybe you could increase the number of ads that urge people to buy, but in an intelligent way without wasting.
I think the first step to preserve the world we live in leaving it clean for our children is to raise awareness about the problem just like it did in Annie Leonard's video, talk more, talk about it in schools, universities, conventions and debates, using this powerful medium thatis the word!


  1. Actually, in my humble opinion, this is far to important to leave to the government. It should start at the root, as you say. The root, though, is us. The beginning and the end has to be us. The power of the government extends or at least should extend, from our hands. Laws and rules imposed on us by the government is the final measure when ethics, morals and common sense has failed. And the thing is with laws and rules, the powers that be tend to find a way around the to keep business going. So for there to be a chance to gain control over this ever upwardly spiraling consumerism and exploitation, the change has to come from the real root - us.

  2. I have read both you’re text Olimpia and you’re comment Micke and I think you both write about interesting things and highlights the most important, we have to start the change from the root. That people connects shopping with happiness is probably a huge factor in the whole consummation problem, and just as you Olimpia I can recognize myself in this... We really don´t need all the stuff that we buy, most of it is unnecessary so why do so many of us buy it? So the change has to start with the people, with us as Micke says, then whit the government. As always it was very interesting to read you´re text Olimpia! // Sofia

  3. It’s very popular to say ”if everyone makes a change, we can save the world” but I agree with your thought that it takes so much more of every person to save anything. As you say, in our stressful world with all the working and running we have a very hard time breaking our old habits and make new ones. Sad but true. But I also think that if people knew more about the risks that we create for ourselves and everyone else, they would be more willing to do a lot more.